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Technology Services

  • Development of customized technology RFPs for bidding processes
  • Analysis of proposals from potential vendors
  • Identification of underutilized assets
  • Planning for gradual system replacement strategies
  • Evaluation of technology-driven solutions for bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Development of backup strategies
  • Migration To Cloud-Based Services (Data, Email, Collaboration, & Software)
  • Server Maintenance / Replacement
  • Network and Firewall Setup, Documentation, & Modifications
  • Wireless Network Configuration (Managed & Un-Managed, Featuring Multiple AP, Single SSID Design and Guest Portal Implementation)
  • Domain Setup (Active Directory)
  • Print and File Server Setup
  • System & Server Virtualization
  • System Management
  • On-Site Email Server Setup
  • Asset Inventory
  • Wifi Setup & Optimization
  • Backup Implementation
  • Evaluation Of Technology Purchases
  • Setup Of Advanced Technology
  • Multi-Media Projects
  • Software Training
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • Branded Email Setup
  • Online Store (E-Commerce) Solutions
  • Setup & Instruction on Successful Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Development of Social Media Strategies
  • Design¬†of Customer Self-Service Portals
  • Configuration for Digital Invoicing and Payment Receipt

Special Education Services

Providing care for a child with different needs can be challenging. After an initial evaluation, Emily can work with you and those who provide care for your child to identify proven strategies and mechanisms to successfully reinforce work done in the classroom while also providing an deeper understanding of your child’s unique needs and coping mechanisms. This coaching is not only for parents, but also family members, extended family, babysitters, and nannies.

After an initial evaluation, Emily can provide recommendations for additional services that may be available through your school or community that can help enhance what your child is accomplishing in the classroom.

After an initial evaluation, Emily can review your child’s Individual Education Plans (IEP) to provide you with guidance as to how to best support your child’s education in and out of the classroom. Emily can also provide guidance regarding how to participate constructively in your child’s semi-annual IEP reviews and form a working, positive relationship with your child’s education team that can help enhance their ability to deliver services more effectively.

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